The Perfect Soldier

Nothing’s out of the ordinary; the world’s still with its many problems as always. But as conflicts become wars and as wars get longer and more strenuous, major world powers now have to grow faster and quicker to survive. Major world superpowers now have to go to greater lengths to keep up with America’s growing stockpile of nuclear weapons located all over the world. And some of these countries are getting closer and closer to becoming a major threat to the biggest threat the world has ever known. These countries and regions are now advancing and innovating seemingly far quicker than America. America now needed a new way to fight the wars of the future — without destroying the world in the process that is — a new frontier if you will, America simply needed Better Soldiers.

Or so it would seem, at least to some congressional members and lawmakers in high office with warmongering in their blood and souls; only a small amount of lawmakers though, but enough to garner a strong and loyal investment support group, one that would be rich enough and influential enough to raise money and support for what they all unanimously considered a “good idea to win wars”. They didn’t have an official name or anything like that, but they claimed to be in this business to “win wars” and that became they’re motto so to speak. They only listened to the brightest minds from the most prestigious and well known educational institutions. They had they’re gathering and the selected scientists came forth to pitch they’re ideas on what they think might help win future wars. Cutting through the hordes of protesters outside a small R&D Calling themselves Capsule with a lead scientist Dr John e. Lewis stepped forth to them his idea of a “Perfect Soldier”, and it was here, on a very dark and stormy day, that the idea of a genetically superior human/soldier proliferated across the world like an unstoppable airborne virus.

A super human with the skills of the most advanced navy seal officers and commando es, combined with skills of the most expert fighters in the world, with heightened senses, super senses, and super powers. Everything you could imagine, super-strength, speed, agility, stamina a faster and stronger healing immune system and virtual immunity to every single disease and virus and plague and cancer known to man, everything and the ability to jump and glide for hours with gliders due to lighter but stronger bones and a less dense but stronger muscle makeup. The scientist used himself as the catalyst, cloned himself essentially, and used this clone of himself as the subject to test out his completed work. But upon initialing the test the storm had turned into heavy lightning and thunder. As soon as he started his machines, a bolt of lightning out of nowhere struck his lab — loudly and forcefully — as if a thousand grenades had went off simultaneously and destroyed his entire life’s work killing him in the process, but the clone survived. Rumors were flying as to what actually happened that day, some people believed it was an intentional accident, a government cover-up to prevent others from learning the secret to creating the perfect soldier, others believed it to be punishment from the lord for humans trying to play god, and messing with something they do not funny understand. His colleagues finished what he had started, raised and trained the clone with the best resourced the government can provide. He was raised among-st the biggest and brightest minds and therefore adopted the natural curiosity and brilliance of a modern futurist. He became something of a celebrity, something to aspire towards, here they now have proof that such a thing can exist, and scientists were working round the clock to make more just like him.

But these successes were short-lived. It wasn’t long before strange things started to happen to the young clone, and symptoms from his creation started to arise and become more noticeable and less ignoble. Sometimes these symptoms would arise out of nowhere and usually go away but the more time went by the more often they rose up and the longer they lingered. Strange sicknesses that would come out of nowhere with no explanation, and would last days and even weeks sometimes. Sometimes he’d wake up blind or crippled, and then by the end of the day slowly regain his abilities, sometimes he’d grow taller and then back to his old height again and sometimes he’d throw up everything he eats and refuse to eat for days and grow skinnier and weaker and paler and then back to normal again, and then he started turning invisible to the naked eye at times. Parts of him we’re turning into dust whilst the other parts turned invisible. The people who helped create him worked tirelessly around the clock to find out what was wrong with him and had to come up with a cure for him quickly. But slowly but surely he faded away, but only certain people can see him. He was once the world most famous soldier but now no one could see him. The public thought him to be dead, and he wondered aimlessly, seeking help from whomever could see him and that’s willing to help him get back well.



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