Scourge of the Giant White Gull

My sister has always been closer to me than any other family member, even closer than all of my friends; I also have a half brother whose older than the both of us. But ever since we all left for college — well she did — We’ve been somewhat unfamiliar in some regards, I guess she’d changed more than I expected and I hadn’t come to know this new change yet. I changed too, we all did. But now this change of her’s was different, different from my brother, different from even me. We met from time to time and hung out and at a time when I needed a place to live she provided me with somewhat frugal accommodations but accommodations none the less, I’m talking about bare essentials, and nothing more. I was grateful, but not grateful enough for her it would seem at times. So when we got the chance to go visit our mother in England we tenaciously but vigorously jumped at the opportunity. It had been years since I’ve seen my mother, over a decade in fact, that’s why this was more important to me than maybe even her. We spent almost an entire day on a plane so I wasn’t leaving my mom’s place the next day, but when we finally did, we saw the city and took a few boat rides and my sister and her fiance even got to see France, another place I’d wanted to see but didn’t get a chance to visit. But oh well I guess, we all chartered a boat up by the West-port off Achill island, they only had boats big enough for two at the time so we took two, our mother riding with my sister’s fiancé Humberto, and my sister riding with me, and I could feel a long dull talk ahead of us.

The local Rental had not mind me driving the boat. And seeing as it was pretty much like driving a car which I've somehow mastered. Theses local Irish people wouldn’t dare turn away paying customers, seeing as they had very few — especially American customers, with American money. I drove the boat with my sister riding shotgun besides me while my sister’s fiance Humberto drove the one with my mother, and off we went. This trip was actually becoming enjoyable after taking care of all the little technicalities. We rode out for about 20 to 30 minutes before my sister asked me to turn the engine of for that dull talk i predicted. As i turned the engine off something bumped into the boat from underneath, and then i looked to see a large fin diving back into the water, hmm. We both laid on the hood of the boat and took in the scenery and enjoyed the the fresh, cool breeze of the open ocean, we had that long talk she insisted on before we left.

A college graduate in such a challenging field such as computer science, anyone would be astonished at how well -read she comes off as, based off just first impressions alone. I guess she had to have mastered that in order to get those high end jobs in California’s big cities where she’d struggled so hard to move. Compared to me, a practical high school dropout, a degenerate. I was lucky to have even finished high school, given my track record, and i couldn't really hack it in university, Some people find it hard to believe that i’d even went at all, not to my surprise though. We had a long talk about all that, and about her getting married too of course, and how i couldn’t even believe a soul would ever consider making her a life partner, ha-ha but she’s a strong, battle tested woman, with a thick skin and a sense of humor so we could talk to each other like that. She’s a good sport, We both laughed, it wasn’t such a dull talk after-all i’d say.

We’ve been riding on this boat for hours though now, and it seems as if the the sea just keeps on going and going and never stops. An endless expansion it would seem, where the island we came from was but a small dot on the tip of the horizon behind us. Strangely i felt something bump into the boat again and immediately asked my sister if she felt that, but she looked at me with the most confused look on her face, so i told her to “just forget it.” Hmm, i must be seeing things too or perhaps going sea crazy or something. My sister hadn’t taken her medications for hours now and You can obviously tell because she’d started telling short little childish taradiddles and inequities . She never really could quite master the art of lies and deception, not as well as i have. you could tell when she lies too, She took her pills one (1) every 3 hours and, but for some reason she only brought two, and with them all gone we’d need to get to the hotel where she left the rest of them fast. She never liked taking them so i’d always have to remind her and tell her that she needs them. And to make matters even worst it seems as if a storm was coming at us too, i could see the clouds getting darker, and thicker, and headed towards the direction of our small (two occupancy, slow-drifting) speed-boat.

The clouds right above were darkening more and more, and appearing heavier, as if it was bout to fall right on top of us. I wondered how Humberto and my mother were doing, as i piked up my phone, opened it up and went to my recent call log to call him i heard it! The crackle that i would never mistake for anything else, and a rumble above, the heavy kind that lets you though there’s a huge lightening bolt headed somewhere your way. And as i turned my eyes away from my phone to look up into the clouds to see, it struck! Quicker than i could blink, the lightening hit the water with something of a graceful effect, and with nothing happening for a good split second, and then BANG! About a hundred feet, maybe less, right in front of the boat too, right on the water, sent a good portion of the water into the air too. it felt like grenade exploding right in front of me, and with the water as the shrapnel. It frightened me but completely bewildered my sister, she screamed and ran back into the closed compartment of the boat, as it that would protect her.

The lightening had passed through the boat and made my hair stand on ends and fell funny for a good minute but then just as quickly as it coalesced the storm clouds started to clear up, a few sprinkles of rain here and there and it died down. With my sister’s waning psychological health, we needed to get back and fast. I reached for my phone again but it was off. i tried turning it back on but to my astonishment it had went from over 32% battery life to completely dead and it turned back off on me! MY GOD! My sister’s phone had the same issue. I tried starting to boat, unexpectedly it turned over once and then turned back off. I tried again and it did the same thing, and so i did this for about ten to fifteen minutes before, then it didn’t even turn over anymore, just, nothing. This situation was getting bad and fast. We both panicked for a few minutes before i stopped us, and started trying to think of ways to get back to the island. It had gotten even smaller than when i looked at it last but it was still visible so there was some hope we’d come back from this, there were some wooded paddles in the left corner of the boat so i thought, “hey, we could just raise the engine onto the boat and paddle it back.” As we both attempted to do this we heard something, it was long and loud. A screech, high pitched but droll,and labored, as if whatever was making the noise was tired, either that or just waking up. It was something akin to a hawk’s cry, but we could both tell this was no ordinary hawk. From one dark cloud formation still clearing up something protruded out of it, a giant yellow tip, that slowly widened out to an end, attached to a white head with a slim long neck and then, the wings came out of the clouds to immediately dissipate it, making it vanish with one long flap of its giant wings.

Out of the sky came a seagull like bird, an all white one, with beady red eyes that glowed a scarlet coal like hue. i was a bit amazed how i could even make it out from such a distance, given my poor eyesight. but the fear of such a daemonic creature settled in when It circled overhead and then came closer, and closer.

It came close enough just for us to marvel at just how big it was , the closer it came the bigger it became until it was big enough to completely shroud the entire boat with a quarter of its wingspan. it was at this point we’d fully resize that we were down in trouble town! It continuously came up close to our boat and then back up into the sky, but now my sister was trying to freaking catch it! Of all the things ,this is my older sister mind you. The screams of this bird wad deadening and could have been heard for miles, I just know it, and i thought maybe someone would hear it and call for help. It’ll always swoop down at arm’s length of us and then shoot back up; this was its pattern for now at least. Within a minute it came back down, closer than ever before, i saw its eyes up close now, it’s pupil was as large as a beach ball to me now, and glowing red, you could almost see it sadness in it for some reason, as if it didn’t want to be this size or something. It came down towards my sister and she went to try to grab it again. It opened its mouth as it presumably tried to eat her. I was frozen in fear, but i couldn't just sit there and watch. Within a second I opened my own eyes and noticed that when it’s mouth was opened for some reason it’s eyes were completely shut, this was about a good a chance as i’’ll ever get i said in my head. The blood across my body started to warm me up as i stoop stiff but loose, with the strength of a Bengal Tiger or something, NO MORE COLD! I was Hot! And shaking with Adrenalin, as time passed by it became slower and slower to me, and slowly things became more deliberate, as if time dilated down and everything was moving in slow motion, but just for me. I now felt nothing, not even pain, only a heightened sense of things. The fear in my heart now turned into pure boiling ANGER. As the giant seagull came even closer and closer my body became more stiff but free! I grabbed the wooden paddle lying at the foot of the boat and quickly sharpened it with a knife i carried with me everywhere ever since i joined and left the Marines , i sharpened it to a sharp point and chucked it with all my might right at that RED demonic eye! It went right in like a knife through butter and it screeched out loud, eerie and abrupt, and with a very human-like sound! “Ahh, Ahhhggh!” and went right into the water with that giant dirty yellow beak first. Not even a minute later a giant pool of blood emerged and coalesced right under the boat, and that thing that had bumped into us hours ago had come back up to finish off the giant bird.

A Shark, hmm, I knew it!

We went to sleep for a few hours, my phone ringing woke me up. Then I tired the boat and it started. 24 missed calls aye. Wow, what’s story this was…



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